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What Will You Read Next?

Helpful hints on what you can read while you wait for the next book by your favorite author.

So... you've read all of the books by your favorite author and it will be another year (or two) before the next will come out.  As the dutiful book devourer that you are, you begin searching for a new author.  You ask friends and relatives, but sometimes those suggestions just aren't right.

Well, some of the staff of the Whitney Library have devoted to coming up with a helpful list of genres and authors that may be enough to tide you over.  The list (found below) is simple enough, find the author you like and look at those around them... there's a good chance you may like what you find.  

For those that are more tech savvy, there are also two website that may prove invaluable to your search.

What Should I Read Next?
This website is as simple as the name implies.  You simply type in a title or and author that you enjoy, click the correct result, and a whole list of suggestions will appear.  Clicking on the Info/Buy button will link you the entry on amazon, but feel free to search our catalog first.

Feel like something sad, unpredictable, but funny?  What about a book that's unusual  optimistic, and short?  WhichBook has 12 sliders that you can move around to find the book that you are in the mood for.  The website also contains lists of books for a particular mood (so if you want a happy book on a rainy day, they'll have plenty to suggest.)  

For the listings of authors we have in the library, click here.