Lake Whitney Public Library


The Lake Whitney Public Library is calling on technically inclined members of the community to help volunteer at the library. Long gone are the days of physical card catalogs and stamping books at check out. These days, library volunteers need to be as well versed in computers as they are in the Dewey Decimal System.

Library staff is limited. With only 1 full time and 1 part time staff member in the building on weekdays, volunteers are paramount to the daily function of the library. The two staff members in the building on week-days are charged with every aspect of the library—helping patrons locate items, computer assistance, shelving books, repairing items, cleaning, planning, paperwork, and a list of other surprises that occur daily. Volunteers are helping to bridge the gap as best they can but more tech savvy people are needed. 

Those interested in volunteering can print off an application below or pick one up at the library circulation desk.  Click on the appropriate form to download an application, fill it out and take to the library.

Volunteer Application

Teen Volunteer Application

Community Service Application

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